This unique collection of essays and publications contextualizes the history and legacy of Harlem as written by esteemed group scholars, journalists, folklorists, and educators in support of the harlem is… exhibition. Browse the list to read or download essays organized by the following harlem is... themes: music, theater, arts, history & activism.



This special publication commemorates the triumphant 20th anniversary of harlem is… a project of Community Works and New Heritage Theatre Group that began as living history project in a school that honored 30 elders in Harlem, and became an 8-part multimedia exhibition and public programming series that toured the New York City teaching the history of Harlem to tens of thousands of people. This journal shares the bright vision for the future of harlem is… as a permanent exhibition at the Harlem Hospital Center, and in its new digital space, the website It also includes new essays by our Harlem community partners, journalists, and artists whose work is at the heart of this ongoing celebration of this vibrant community. Take a look inside at the legacy and future of harlem is…!


Harlem is…Music

Ron Scott


Harlem Is…Music – The Blues Tradition

Farrah Jasmine Griffith


Harlem Is…Jazz

Robert G. O’Meally


Harlem Is…Music: The Latin Tradition

Juan Flores


Celebrating Graciela

Elena Martinez


Brief History of the Blues

Greg Thomas


The Blues Ladies

Ron Scott


The Black Arts Movement

Ron Scott


Reflecting on my Friendship with Amiri Baraka + Wise I (poem)

Ted Wilson / Amiri Baraka


Personal Reflections on Pivotal Moments in Contemporary Harlem History

Ademola Olugebefola, International Peace and World Harmony


Reflections on the Legacy of Theater and Visual Arts

Voza Rivers, New Heritage Theatre Group


Harlem: The American Dream and Activism

Christopher Paul Moore, noted African American historian


Harlem - Moved by Social Activism

Ron Scott


The Revolution of Art Activism

Ron Scott