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harlem is... DANCE

Honors the contributions of four significant African American Dance Pioneers Marie Brooks, Ruth Williams, Dele Husbands and Loretta Abbott. These inspiring women have built community through dance and dedicated their remarkable talents as performers and teachers. 


Features stunning photographic portraits by renowned documentary photographer Ruth Morgan; archival materials; line drawings and artwork; poetry and prose by contributing writers and students.

Dance School Founder| 1916-2011

“Dance should be a part of every child’s education. It teaches sociability, demands discipline, and punctuality, and influences how you carry yourself.”

Marie Brooks_01A.JPG

Choreographer & Dance School Founder|1929 -2013

“Dance is a conduit to knowledge, wisdom, truth and self-discovery."

Choreographer & Teaching Artist | b. 1953

“Dance is Spirit and Love. I love my students into transformation and healing”

Dance Legend, Choreographer & Teacher| 1933-2016

“Dance is so important to my body and soul. Dance is my community.”

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